Day 32 in Ketosis and eating Paleo to cheat or not?

Well I’ve had a small piece of peacan pie and 16 tortilla chips that were part of some nachos in the last 32 days. Other than that no flour or wheat has been in my system. I’ve only lost around 6 pounds or so but I feel my clothes fitting better and have gained a couple notches on my belt. My mental faculties feel clearer and hunger doesn’t over power me like it used to when I was satisfying my simple carbohydrate cravings. Was talking to someone who first introduced me to Paleo or primal eating and he said I need to have a cheat day or two. Actually though I really like the way I’m feeling sticking to this lifestyle change. My big thing were burgers an fries,chips and salsa and biscuits in the mornging. However one thing for certain is I never want to feel the sluggishness and slowness and worst of all the dependence issues that come from eating like that again! Really don’t feel deprived eating this way at all. When I look at the meals I’m eating loaded with protein and vegetables it really makes perfect sense. Anyway if your reading this I urge you to try this plan out for yourself. Do the 21 day challenge that Mark Sisson recommends and see what happens. Once you get passed the carbohydrate flu I pretty much guarantee your going to feel better. Incorporate some weight training and some basic calisthenics and some all out sprints and you’ll be amazed at how your body responds. Another thing I’ve noticed is how my taste buds have changed. Particularly with salt and sugar. Since I’ve almost totally eliminated sugar from my diet I’ve noticed that even slight amounts are picked up. Take chocolate and indulgence that can be had every once in a while on the paleo plan. I found even 86% pure coco chocolate is now pleasantly sweet to me. Also have noticed the same for salt. I’ve been using very little now compared to really pouring it on in the past. I’m sure my blood pressure numbers will improve thanks to that. Anyway just my musings on day 32 of the plan. Mark can really articulate way better what I’ve experienced so far. Check out his article below.

Bread the other Drug of Choice

Visiting one of our local favorite restaurants for a trip to their awesome salad bar has become part of me and my wife’s routine on our Date day. Every time we are always amazed when the waiter or waitress is shocked when we tell them we’d rather not have the bread brought out to us. This time I think we were both making our salads and when we came back and there it sat! Flaky, golden, warm and glistening from the hydrogenated butter they had smeared on top. It smelled absolutely awesome. My stomach phyically grew tighter and my mouth watered just looking at it. I was on day 24 of a primal/paleo lifestyle change and although I was over the carb flu, that bread beckoned! In my early 20’s I had experienced nicotine and its addiction and to me this was very similar. That bread kept drawing my attention. I focused on my salad with fresh bacon and all manner of veggies and told myself just how bad that enriched bleach flour was for my system. I reminded myself of the inflamation that lectins and gluten cause to my system made a firm rejection of that delicious looking loaf on the table. I recalled the insidious weight gain caused by over consumption of simple carbohydrates not to mention the insulin spikes that no doubt contribute to the ever rising diabetes epidemic. No I can live without bread and I can over come my dependence to it just like I did with nicotine. If your out there struggling with weight, joint pain, chronic stomach or bowel problems give your diet some scrutiny. You can find some really honest and helpful information at one of my favorite sites.

Seahawks blow it. Worst call in the NFL

After having the game practically one, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell calls a pass play leading to an interception. Lynch the best rusher in the NFL was denied his chance 3 times to move the ball 1 yard! 1 yard! I’m not a fan of either teams that made it this year but I felt the Seahawks honestly played a better game and I was rooting for them to win. With a minute and 55 seconds left in the game on the one yard line Seahawks call a passing play and its intercepted on the 1 yard line. Again worse playing calling I’ve ever witnessed in the NFL! Despicable. I feel for the Seahawks and could relate to their obvious frustration exhibited at the end of the game.

Ammo Shortage

Over the past few months we’ve seen a dramatic rise not on only in the cost of ammo, but an overall ammo shortage. Sound reasoning on this matter helps us draw the conclusion that this is large part to the new gun control proposals and general fear of the public. This coupled with the fact that times are uncertain and people have a sense that something dramatic or catastrophic is going to take place on the world scene means more and more people are preparing themselves for the worse. Many conspiracy theories abound but again I’m under the opinion its simple economics of supply and demand. Panic buying and hoarding combined with higher prices are most likely the real cause of the “shortage”. Although bulk ammo and the ability to purchase ammo are still fairly easy.

cheap in stock ammo




Installing a fuel pump on a 01 Chevy Silverado

Let me start this post by stating that I’m extremely disappointed with GM. Fuel pump issues on these trucks are a common problem that GM acknowledges and yet has done nothing to in my knowledge to rectify the situation. To add insult to injury the fuel pump/sending unit is extremely pricey. I paid $235.56 and that was with a 20% discount one of my buddies got me who works at an auto parts store. I started by troubleshooting whether or not the fuel pump was in fact the problem I was experiencing. A good indication for me was that the fuel reading was off after fill ups and acting erratically. After filling up our tank on our 01 Chevy Silverado the guage would read empty many times and the low fuel warning light would come on. We actually just lived with it like this for some time and would just reset our trip mileage as an indicator of when we needed fuel.

The second indication something was going wrong with our fuel pump was when we were approaching a stale green traffic light. It turned yellow and I had to abruptly really get on the brake in order to avoid running a red light. The truck then proceeded to die at the light and would not immediately start. We pushed it out of the way and it then started and we were on our way again. It didn’t at this time done on me that the fuel pump was the culprit. About a week later we were again driving along and highway speeds and the truck just completely all of the sudden died. I coasted over to the emergency lane and proceeded to pop the hood to see if I could find something wrong. I checked all the fuses and found that the ECM-B fuse had been blown. This told me that it was the either the fuel pump or the fuel relay. Knowing I had the problem with the fuel sending unit I gambled and proceeded with the fuel pump repair.

I had done some research on the simplest way to proceed with this repair and had read a few forum posts which stated the easiest way to replace a fuel pump on a Chevy truck with the pump located in the fuel tank was to remove the bed. Now at first this seemed a bit daunting, however I had in the past struggled with lowering tanks on other vehicles with this same design to do the repair. I figured if the pickup truck bed removal was fairly simple I’d give this a try. I have to say I’m sure glad I did. If you reading this contemplating whether or not you should drop the tank or proceed with truck bed removal go the bed removal route. On a 2001 Chevy silverado extended cab its 8 bolts for the bed, 3 screws for the fuel filler tube and 4 plugs for the back tail lights and license plate light and thats it! The hardest part of the repair was lifting the bed of the pickup up and over the rear wheels just because of its weight. Other than that the repair was easy.

Once the bed was removed from the pickup this gave me extremely easy access to the fuel tank and the fuel pump. The new pump came with a new wiring harness that was easy to install with a basic wire stripper/crimper. After thoroughly cleaning the area and blowing off the dirt from the top of the fuel tank the repair was fairly simple. Removal of the retaining ring,wiring up the new harness and installing the pump with new pump seal and re-installing the retaining ring. I replaced the burned out ecm b fuse and the truck fired up on the first try. We had to drive the truck around the block with the bed removed just for grins and to give the new fuel pump a trial run. I must say that the bed removal would also be great for installing new rear shocks and even doing a differential seal or fluid change.

01 Silverado Pickup bed removal