Super Bowl 50 and a super good party recipe

During the upcoming Super bowl 50 friends and family will be gathering for a tradition that started way back in 1967.  The game has evolved but one thing has remained the same. It brings us together for an afternoon of football and great gatherings filled with food and drink. Grills are fired up, cheese is […]

Flint Michigan water crisis reminds us to be prepared

As the Flint Michigan water crisis unfolds over the evening news. The boy scout motto “be prepared” is sound advice. Everyone needs to have a contingency plan with regards to their drinking water. Being able to provide food and water and basic shelter for you and yours is a must. The world we live in today […]

Wild hog chorizo easy to make at home

Wild hog populations have increased dramatically across the southern states.  Many people consider them to be a pest or vermin.   Unlike most domestic pork.  Wild hogs are a perfect example of free range.  Exactly why we should be eating more of them. Free to forage on a variety of plant and protein makes them a great natural […]

The truth I found in the world of making money online

Originally I started with one goal in mind.  I wanted to provide people a truthful and first hand review of the plethora of online money-making ideas out there on the web. After years of trying various things I became convinced that 95% of make money ideas on the web dealt with essentially one thing.  I was honestly hopeful […]